Hi!  I’m Megan and I’ve spent the last 40 minutes drumming my fingers on my desktop trying to find a succinct way to define what I’m about and what my intentions for this site would be.  It turns out I am neither succinct nor do I have a defined vision of where this site is going.  I am clear on two things, though:

1. I love to write.

2.  I love to eat.

Generally they happen in the opposite order.  I assume that most of these postings will have to do with things I am currently eating or longing to eat again.  There will probably be an obscene amount of references to cheese, sugar and Anthony Bourdain.  I will probably also talk about ponies and my undying love of Tina Fey for no real apparent reason.

So, why only ‘Semi Sweet?’ Well, I begged the Gods for all-out sweetness, but alas, I was only granted some.  There is definitely a good dose of sweetness in here, but the rest is all spitfire and sarcasm.

Most importantly though…Why should this blog be of any interest to you?  I’m not really sure myself.  But I will be talking an awful lot about food and ponies and, to me, that seems like reason enough.


Contact me at SemiSweetMegan@gmail.com with any comments or questions.