There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

― George Bernard Shaw

What It Is

So, why only ‘Semi Sweet?’ Well, I begged the Gods for all-out sweetness, but alas, I was only granted some.  There is definitely a good dose of sweetness in here, but the rest is all spitfire and sarcasm.

Most importantly though…Why should this blog be of any interest to you?  I’m not really sure myself.  But I will be talking an awful lot about food and ponies and, to me, that seems like reason enough.

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Ten ‘Weird’ Foods To Try Before You Die

Are there weirder foods out there?  Sure.  But these items are pretty accessible and well worth the taste.  Consider this a starting point.

1. Sea Urchin

2. Crawfish

3. Sheep’s Brain

4. Raw Quail Eggs

5. Foie Gras

6. Liver

7. Fresh Fish Eyes

8. Squid Ink

9. Bottarga

10. Every Stinky, Smelly, Runny, Oozy Cheese You Can Get Your Hands On. Ever.

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