Water: Infuse It



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Just the other day, I saw a post on a fellow food blogger’s FB page stating one should only drink when thirsty.  They even had links to articles supporting their theory – complete with backup from doctors and nutritionists – saying that drinking plain water throughout the day actually depletes your system.  Instead you should drink liquids with salts and sugars in them – like fruit juice.

On this, I call bullshit.

Let’s be clear – I have no clue what I’m talking about when it comes to health.  I live an overall healthy lifestyle filled with organic fruits and veggies, whole grains, ‘real’ products without chemicals and strange filler ingredients and, for the most part, disregarding a few splurges here and there – I’m a vegetarian.  I also love food and research it and care very, very, very much about the nutritional value of what I’m stocking my kitchen with.  That being said, last night I ate a pie.  Like a whole pie.  A chocolate cream pie.  It was a small one, so I considered it a personal pan pie….food logic, at its best.  It’s made locally, at our town’s famous Amish bakery, Yoder’s, and has fewer than 7 ingredients in it.  But still, it was a pie.  A whole pie.


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Back to the bullshit claim.  I may not be a nutritionist or a doctor but I do know one thing – my body responds better when it’s hydrated.  I can tell immediately if I’m not drinking enough water – I feel tired, bloated, hungrier.  Most doctors agree that thirst is a sign of dehydration and waiting to drink liquids until you are thirsty is totally backwards.  Just ask your doc or Google the health benefits of water and you will find many legitimate doctors, medical journals, etc. touting the benefits of this simple drink.  Also, fruit juices – or any other non-plain water liquids – are filled with unnecessary sugars and ingredients that your body doesn’t need to function.  Don’t even get me started on chemically treated drinks like sodas and Crystal Light.  But then again, I ate a whole pie, so feel free to disregard any of my viewpoints on health.

Water is one of the best things you can put in your body.  It helps with your skin, your digestion, weight loss, and clearing  your body of impurities than can cause colds and flus.  It oxygenates your blood – helping your brain and vascular system work more cleanly.  It’s not fattening, it’s not harsh and other than when you are buying a $40 bottle of water at the movies, the stuff is pretty damn cheap – in fact, it’s usually free.

One of my fave ways to drink water is by infusing it.  I get to soak up many of the benefits of the items I’m putting into the water as well as getting to mix up my usual beverage with fun and fruity flavor combos.  Also, it’s an easy way to use up the last few berries in the box or lemons that are a few days away from being tossed.

Here are just a few simple ingredients that go amazingly well in a glass or pitcher of water.  But feel free to get crazy and toss all kinds of goodies in there.  My girlfriend loads hers up with ginger to ward off colds and aid in digestion and my man loves it when I muddle berries at the bottom.




Plus, infused waters are super pretty to serve to guests.


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And for warm weather gals like myself, bring infused water to the beach.  Cucumber water is slightly more refreshing than plain water when you are hot.  Plus, if you aren’t able to bring an icy cooler – infused waters taste better than hot water.


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So, what’s your take on the water debate?  Are you pro-dranky drank or do you think you should wait until you are thirsty to sip?  Please feel free to share your tips and any other goodies I should be dropping into my water glasses!