Vanishing Of The Bees

Forget horror movies, if you want to watch something truly frightening, something that will disturb you for weeks to come, then you should give ‘Vanishing Of The Bees‘ a little looksie.

This critically acclaimed documentary takes a different approach, by way of the honey bee, on illuminating a growing problem in this country – which is the fact that we are killing ourselves, our planet and our chances at fixing them.

But fret not. There is a happy ending. Or, at least, there is a hopeful ending. And as disturbing as this movie is, it is also inspirational and wonderful.  Get it on AppleTV or free on Netflix.




So, essentially, in my summation, it goes like this:

Honey bees are really fucking important. Everything about their bodies is built to aid in pollination and it turns out, pollination is one of the most important parts of the entire food system. Lately all of the bees have just been disappearing. They aren’t finding swarms of dead bees either, they are actually just not being there any more, hence the term ‘vanishing’ in the title. Without bees to pollinate the plants, the plants don’t grow. Thus, we are stuck with nothing but processed foods and garbage.

This movie spotlights several of the problems, the biggest being Monsanto, the FDA and the EPA as well as all of the pharmaceutical companies. See, farming practices have changed – now instead of small family farms that grown a multitude of plant species and varieties, farmers are growing massive fields of just one plant. On top of that, the areas that are the most highly affected are ones where Monsanto corn and genetically modified crops grow rampant. Wait, it gets worse. Scientists are modifying the bees, as well. They are making these franken-queen bees that are artificially created and artificially knocked up by bee semen that comes from a tiny gene pool – so, kind of like in-breeding …which, we all know in-breeding hasn’t really had a great reputation for producing good results. It still gets worse. Loads of these crap bee farms are feeding their bees corn sugar syrup. So, instead of natural nectar they are pretty much eating Twinkies. So now we’ve got all these zombie bees feeding off of mutant modified plants in areas where there is no ability to cross-pollinate.




To add to this heaping pile of bullshit, it’s the pharmaceutical companies that are required to test the crops and the bees for signs of any problems and report it to the EPA – which doesn’t actually do any of the testing in its own independent studies. Pretty much, these pharmaceutical companies benefit the most from this epidemic. They don’t care if the bees are sick, the plants are sick and now the whole world is sick. Sick = profit. This makes one wonder just how valid any of their reports really are.

Let me sum this up in a briefer way: Monsanto, the FDA and the EPA are the devil and they are fucking everything up. EVERYTHING. The health of humanity means nothing in comparison to the greed of wealth.





But, don’t be discouraged!!!! This movie wasn’t just made to instill panic into the hearts of millions, it also spotlighted amazing farmers and bee keepers who want to make a difference, to make things better again, and to teach the world the importance of treating nature and its beautiful creatures with love, kindness and compassion.

There are several well-known, incredible speakers, like Michael Pollan, Dave Mendes, David Hackenberg and some really cool, spiritual lady who talks about the divinity of bees and how the represent the female aspect of the divine.  Plus, there are some beautiful quotes shown throughout the film, including one of my personal faves:  ”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.

I implore you to watch this film.  We have reached a point in our society where much of the bad seems to be outweighing the good – especially as it pertains to the food industry.  We are all capable of learning and using our knowledge to affect our choices – including simple, tiny choices like purchasing organic, local honey instead of sugar syrup with lactose in it.  I hope this film inspires you as it did me.

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