Tin Mustard Is The Jam

Ask most people if they’d like a little mustard on their sandwich and they’ll shrug and say ‘sure.’ But, for us die hard mustard lovers, we know that mustard matters and settling for any yellow-colored slop just ain’t gonna cut it.

If you, too, suspiciously eye anyone trying to serve you a sub-par condiment, then you and I are going to make fast friends. And, being your friend and all, you can rest assured that I will be serving you a mustard that dreams are made of.


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Now, I’ve been a mustard fiend for some time now. It’s not that I use it every single day, but when I want to add zing to a sandwich, make a beautiful mustard sauce for wild game, or have a bold base to stand up to sweet honey in my homemade vinaigrettes, I want a good mustard. For me, that means something grainy yet creamy, something bold but not overpowering, something vibrant and tangy but not spicy or sour.  Louise recently introduced me to Tin Mustard and for that I want to hug her.  But, alas, neither one of us likes touching people, so I will just publicly thank her instead.


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Tin Mustard is a tasty big seed mustard. It’s not just a condiment but a necessity… and it’s so good that you can eat it with just a spoon,” claims their website.  And they aren’t lying.  Eat it with a spoon you shall.  If only it stopped there.  You will start making mustard cupcakes and slathering this bad boy on like body lotion.


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So, what’s the story with this stuff?  It’s made in small batches (under 200 jars per batch) in Brooklyn, by the Slovenian-born chef Tin Dizdarevic.  He invented the recipe when he couldn’t find that ‘just right’ condiment to accompany a charcuterie board for one of his specific restaurant dishes.   The trick is that he never, ever grinds the seeds in this whole grain mustard, giving it a delightfully crunchy texture that reminds me of caviar.  But, unlike caviar, it’s encased in a smooth blanket of creaminess.  The perfect one-two punch for your palate.


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You can find this little bottle of perfection at the shop.  I have been going hog wild with it – spreading it on mild cheddars, dipping toasted baguette into it, turning it into a pasta sauce with the help of a little cream, I even added it to a white pizza we ordered in.  Perfection.


photo 1


If you love mustard you must give this one a shot.  If you don’t, well, you should be burned at the stake, but since that’s not considered kosher anymore, how about just giving this one a try and seeing if it doesn’t make you change your tune.




  • tindizdarevic

    Thanks so much for the great post! Glad you and Louise are spreading the good gospel of Tin Mustard in Florida! Very much appreciated!

    • greenbergmegan

      we can’t get enough. it is, by far and away, the best mustard i’ve ever had ….and i’ve had a lot of mustards. thanks for making my world delicious!

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