No matter how old I get or how many cities I see, Santorini, Greece will always remain one of the most astonishingly beautiful places I will ever see.

As a former Anthropology major at FSU, I took several Underwater Archeology courses and was required to write a term paper about a topic that is important to the Underwater Archeological community.  Given my childhood obsession with the mystery of Atlantis, writing about Santorini, considered by many to be the actual lost city, was a no-brainer.

I fell in love writing that term paper.  Everything about this Grecian Isle sounded magical and visually stunning enough to make your eyeballs explode out of your face.  A decade later my wish to visit this mystical city came true.

If you even have the remote possibility of seeing this seaside town, don’t hesitate.  If you have enough in your bank account then book a ticket right now.  Like, right now.  Right this second.


We landed not long before sunset after taking an airplane the size of a shoebox in winds that I believe most weathermen would consider hurricane force.  The flight crew seemed completely nonplussed and assured me that it was, in fact, a pretty calm day and “you should see it on windy days.”

We dragged our bags to a local bar and took in one of the most shit-your-pants-beautiful sunsets in all of creation.  When you finally make it to Santorini, please book a seat at Franco’s Bar.  You are smack dab in the center of Fira, giving you a 360 panoramic that can’t be beat.


Yeah, views like this:



The next day we took a sailboat ride around the the whole of the archipelago and the volcanic caldera.  And by sailboat, I mean this stupidly pretty sea vessel that has put every other boat I’ve ever been on to shame.  It wasn’t so much that it was the fanciest boat I’ve ever been on, which it was, but it was that feeling of freedom and sea and wind and sailing that I’ve only seen at the end of 80s RomComs.  It could also have to do with the full-sized bar located near the bow.

Anyway, we scaled a fucking volcano.  A volcano.


13043_1260388273868_57093_n   13043_1260389393896_8125947_n

What surprised me most was the lack of safety precautions.  Had this been in America, you would have had to sign a huge waiver before you even stepped foot on the boat.  Plus, there would be fences and rails and guards lining the pathways to ensure nobody tripped or fell into one of the open, billion-degrees, steaming volcanic pits.

But, the Greeks aren’t like that.  Dumb enough to fall into a huge volcanic pit, that is.

We took this boat around most of the island, including Oia, where the famed blue-domed roof resides – often seen in postcards or any Discovery Channel show about the Greek Isles.


And then we finished the night with a little bit of magnificence….


There’s nothing quite like a hot coral sunset over crystal blue seas at the base of an active volcano in one of the most magical and mind-blowing cities on earth.

Everyday I pray that I get back soon.


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    Excellent article about a fascinating place.