Paradise Found: Boca Grande

Boca Grande needs no words.


Picture 12


Except for these.


Last weekend we celebrated our friends’ wedding in a little slice of paradise called Boca Grande.  Although I’ve lived in Sarasota for, Jesus, almost five years now – wow, that went by fast – I’ve never made the hour drive south to visit this gorgeous island.  Now that I’ve been, I doubt I’ll let five weeks pass before I visit again.

Boca Grande is like a mini (very mini) Key West.  Tropical, island-y and hot, this beach town is perfect for bike rides and frozen cocktails.  Unlike Key West, this town is a bit more wealthy and less drunken boat captain – giving it more of an artsy, relaxed feel without the Spring Breakers.

Since this post is super pic heavy, I won’t drown you with words.  Just know this – go to Boca Grande.  Immediately.  Stay at The Gasparilla Inn, have a Hummer at The Pink Elephant, walk along the banyan trees, enjoy life.  And try to avoid getting eaten by a scorpion.


The Gasparilla Inn – Hotel grounds, BZ Lounge, Golf Course, Beach Club:


photo 4


Picture 1


photo 2


Picture 3


photo 3


photo 3


photo 2


Picture 7


I spent most of the trip doing this:


Picture 8


While dancing under these:


Picture 9


And trying not to get my face eaten off by this thing:


Picture 11


Yes, that totally happened.  As did this:


Picture 2


But, have enough Hummers at The Pink Elephant, which taste like ice cream and world peace, and you won’t have a care in the world.  In fact, I rode that spider around town like a golf cart.


photo 1


Although Sunday started like this:


photo 5


It ended up like this:


Picture 6


Picture 10


photo 4


Check out Whiddens Marina.  Super old.  Super cool:


Picture 4


And be sure to find the hidden Sam Murphy Park, located across the street from The Temptation – which is a restaurant and not a strip club as the name suggests.  Lush greenery and a reflecting pool (turned wishing well thanks to the tourists) make this spot more romantic than a fairy tale.


Picture 5


Whatever you do, be sure to end your stay like this:


photo 5



Have you been?



  • Erin Zolner

    Beautiful pictures! We stayed in Boca Grande for our Babymoon and it was perfection!! …except that it was Hummerless, ha ;-)

  • charcharcool

    i can’t wait to go… with you