Negley & Son Honey

History dictates that the creation of fire and invention of the wheel were what really set humans apart from their primitive ancestors.  But, if you ask me, civilization didn’t really begin until humans began hunting for honey over 8,000 years ago.  The ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Mesoamerica and the Roman Empire were hot for honey from the jump, valuing the sticky treat for its medicinal properties.  Meanwhile, honey seems to be a common denominator among Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam as these religions not only regarded honey as a health food, but also a healing agent worthy enough to offer to their respective gods.


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And while that bit of history is stupendous and all, let’s agree that it’s really honey’s syrupy sweetness that keeps us all coming back for more.

Now, y’all already know that I’m somewhat obsessed with honey.  I can eat it by the pound.  I use it pretty much daily as a sweetener, thickener and natural remedy for my pollen allergies.  I rub it on rashes, bruises, cuts or scrapes.  I put it in my tea.  I drown my fruit in it.  For sure, if you’re in my house you are near an obscene amount of honey.  If you’re in my house you are probably also covered in pet fur and weirded out by the fact that I demand you call me Queen Bee.  But, whatever.  It’s my house.




Anyway, I won’t wax nostalgic on my love of the most important creature on earth, the honeybee.  Nor will I preach about Colony Collapse Disorder and why the squeeze bear at the supermarket is the devil (stories I wrote about here and here.)  Nope, this time I’m just gonna use an obnoxious amount of delicious adjectives to describe what has become my pantry staple (right next to my TruBee, of course!)


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So, I just used the thesaurus to look up the term ‘delicious’  and BLAMMO – here they are: mouthwatering, appetizing, tasty, flavorful, toothsome, palatable, succulent, luscious, scrumptious, delish, yummy, fingerlicking, nummy, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth, delightful, exquisite, lovely, pleasurable, heavenly, divine.  They all apply to Negley & Son honey.  Especially nummy.  Definitely nummy.  PS – that hyperlink goes nowhere at all, but rumor has it they will have a site soon!  So, maybe they will have a site up by the time you read this.  Who can know?  It’s a total crap shoot.


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In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:  This family business, based out of nearby Arcadia, produces honey from over 1,000 of their own beehives and the produce it properly, meaning raw, unfiltered, unheated honey just the way nature intended.  The Negley men have been apiaries for generations with the youngest, Mark (whom, at 24, puts me to shame with his drive and motivation) now at the helm of the operation – let it be known, though, that Jennifer, whatever her official title may, is really the brains and beauty behind the braun.  Together, their hard work allow us to peddle this (refer to adjectives above) treat on the streets of Sarasota.


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My friend Megan, of Sarasota Magazine, wrote a great article on the company  HERE.  She’s become a Negley Addict along with the rest of us.  A fellow allergy sufferer, we worked our way through Orange Blossom season and are now, happily, downing bottle after bottle of Blackberry goodness.  Note – we will soon be moving in Mangrove honey as that pollen season is just a month away.  Double note – it’s not really fair to say we are allergy sufferers since our consumption of honey has kept our allergies at bay.  So, hooray for local, raw honey!

Each bottle imparts a different flavor and texture ranging from grainy and grapefruit-y to smokey and sugary.  As soon as I pick a favorite, I change my mind.  Personally, I find each bottle works best with different things.  Like, Orange Blossom rocks with sweet, subdued flavors like mascarpone and peanut butter, while Mangrove works best eaten straight out of the jar while watching Kristen Wiig rock it on the new season of Arrested Development.


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Anytoodles, this stuff tastes like heaven and is pretty much more magical than the Fairy God Mother.  Use it in your kitchen, use it in your medicine cabinet, or just keep a bottle in your purse for good measure.  Or – you know what’s coming – come in for a sample and I’ll hook you up!  And by hook you up I mean regale you with an hour long diatribe on CCD, the heroes behind Negley & Son, and why Einstein would have loved this honey.  No, really, he would have.




  • Eileen Mulloy

    Man do I love all the artisan amazingness on your blog. You inspire me to dig more into local businesses around Chicago supporting these efforts. I’m a big time fan of local honey – we get ours from the farm across the street from our family’s lake house in Michigan and it is just the best ever.

    This business looks amazing! And I recall Megan’s article, too! I still need to see that bee documentary…