Miami: La Sandwicherie

There is no introduction to an article about Miami that many before me haven’t already said, most of whom have probably said it better.




Miami, celebrated for it’s hot weather, hot bodies and hot spots seems to only get better year after year.  Beaches, clubs, celebrity hangouts, art galleries, posh boutiques – Miami is overflowing with ‘THE’ places to see and be seen.




However, you already know that the only thing I ever show up to the party for is the food.  From eateries touting gourmet takes on the latest health food craves, like Pura Vida and their famed acai bowls, to authentic Cuban cuisine in Little Havana, to swanky bistros serving bachelorette parties well past midnight, to some of the best, nondescript, unassuming sandwich shops, like my favorite La Sandwicherie, tucked into hidden corners throughout the city, Miami is a culinary mecca.  Sure, there are cities with more refined establishments, classically trained chefs and menus so thoughtfully prepared they would bring a tear to even Bourdain’s eye, but Miami isn’t going for classic refinement.  This city is all about flavor, and on that note, it does not disappoint.


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Might I suggest using the town’s awesome public transportation bike system- DecoBike?  It works like this: located all around town are these ‘bike stations’ that are pretty much a bike rack that can hold a dozen or so bicycles, and a stand in the center with a screen for you to make a payment via cash or charge.  You just enter the bike number you wish to take, choose an amount of time you’d like to have the bike for, pay, ride off.  There are stations all over, so you can take the bike for a minimal amount of time, say 30 minutes, and take the long route from Ocean Drive to Lincoln Road, passing the shops on Collins Ave on your way. Drop the bike off at a DecoBike location (they’re all over, you won’t miss one) and walk around the neighborhood, visiting cool boutiques and galleries, then re-rent a bike and move on.  It’s not that expensive at all.  Ten bucks and you can ride around all day.

So, that’s all well and good and all, but let’s go back to La Sandwicherie.  And let’s just stay there forever while we’re at it.




Here’s what the acclaimed restaurant, if you can call it that – it’s more like an airstream-sized windowless deli counter, albeit a very charming one, has to say about itself:

“Serving heavenly sandwiches in Sobe since 1988, La Sandwicherie captures the best of French savoir-faire in the simplest of settings to transport your taste buds to another world without costing you the earth. Daily fresh ingredients, crisp baguettes or croissants and the added magic of the infamous vinaigrette make for a true taste sensation. A must see in Miami Beach!”

Let’s back that up with a heavily “quotationed” (it’s a word now) Zagat overview:


Picture 1


This place rocks.  Crunchy baguettes topped with fresh salads and their highly coveted vinaigrette hit the spot every time.  Normally, I’m not big on buying bottled dressings, but this one is HOLYFUCKINGSHITSOGOOD.  The ingredients are simple and pure, creating a sauce that makes the sandwich bright and tangy.  They line up huge squirt bottles of it all along the open pass-through, where diners perch on stools anxiously watching as their dishes get made on the counter in front of them.




I always go for the Camembert sandwich – three of them.  Which I don’t feel the least bit of guilt for seeing as how I just rode a bike for the last six hours.  Normally I would insert some kind of Lance Armstrong reference here, but I’m afraid that we aren’t allowed to discuss him anymore.  Somebody let me know what the proper Armstrong protocol is.




Anyway, I devour one on site.  Devour.  Like scaring fellow eaters who can’t know if they should barricade me and call for animal control or praise this obviously wild animal for learning how to put on mascara and gold bangles.  Then I take one for the car ride home and one for the fridge for the next day’s lunch.  They are that tasty.

Next time you are in Miami, and you’ve had enough of the surf and the sand, mosey on over to La Sandwicherie and treat yourself to one hell of a sandwich.  They have quite a selection to choose from – each one as delicious as the last.


Picture 3


Also, I highly advise buying a bottle, or nine, of the vinaigrette.






Picture 4