Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps

‘Made in Vermont…Naturally’ boasts Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps, referring to the crackers’ wholesome ingredient list as well as the fact that Vermont just clearly kicks ass when it comes to churning out deliciously crafted artisanal goodies.




And listen, if Martha Stewart says it’s good, then it’s fucking good, alright?  I doubt anybody would debate that.




What makes these crispity-crunchity crackers so damned delicious?  Hints of rosemary play wonderfully alongside pistachios and pumpkin seeds accented with a bit of brightness from dried cranberry and a touch of brown sugar sweetness.  The texture, although rather delicate, would stand up beautifully to a soft, ripe cheese – like young goat’s milk cheeses or triple cremes, but would also make the perfect plate for any cheese, from cheddars to blues and all the scrumptious ones in between, from luscious washed-rind stinkers to wild-rinded tommes.




Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps are made with organic flour, which is not gluten-free, by any means, but can often be much more easily digestible to people that can have reactions to too much processed wheat.  And hey, there’s ground flax seed in these babies, meaning Jan’s is pretty much a health food.




So, let’s review.  Jan’s are completely natural, free of artificial garbage and preservatives.  Martha Stewart approves.  As did New York Magazine – which doesn’t just hand out accolades willy nilly.  They’re packed with seeds, flax, honey, fruits, herbs and organic shit, thus making them the most well-rounded meal in your cupboard.  And, they come from Vermont, home of a million foods you need to be shoveling into your face.




Come get some at Artisan Cheese Company.  We have small and large bags.  Scratch that, we have itty bitty bags and then some bitty bags.  Jan needs to start sending these crisps by the barrel.  Until that glorious day, come an stock up on what’s bound to be your new favorite cracker.









  • Eileen Mulloy

    If I could eat dairy, I would put brie all over these bad boys.

    • semisweetmegan

      oh no…no dairy?? come in and chat with us anyway. these crisps are awesome to snack on regardless of the topping. also …you may be surprised by raw milk cheeses which are completely different than pasteurized milk and can have beneficial effects on people that are sensitive to dairy.