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How the hell have I not written about INNA jam already? What’s wrong with me? Was I ill? Did I get a frontal lobotomy? Do I need one?


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INNA jam is just about the best jam I have ever come across. Yes, yes, I know – I’m a bit over the top when it comes to my enthusiastic love of goods lining Artisan Cheese Company‘s shelves. But, it’s not my fault.  Louise has tremendously good taste and passionately picks each product after extensive research and tasting. So, thanks Louise.


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If you think of jam or jelly and your mind’s eye immediately scans the towering rows of garbage in the grocery store, you, my dear friend, have not actually been eating jam. It looks like jam. It even says jam on the bottle. Not jam. When what should be a jar of fruit consists of mainly processed sugar and chemicals, than real jam it certainly is not. INNA jam, however, is the realest. If this were the hip hop world, INNA jam would be Jay-Z. Or so I think. I don’t actually know diddly about hip hop, but Jay-Z seems to have street cred, so I’m sticking with it.


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This is the part when I tell you sets this product at the top of the jam pyramid:

INNA jam makes only fresh, seasonal jams using organic fruits that they source from within 150 miles of their California kitchen (out of Emeryville.) They deal directly with local, organic farmers to ensure that they are getting the freshest, ripest fruit available at that time. They craft single-varietal jams to coax out the fruit’s naturally bright and delicious flavors without any addition of herbs, spices, flavorings or bullshit. They pretty much took a peach off of a tree, put it in a jar and screwed the lid on.


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Who’s ‘they’ you ask?

I’ll let Dafna Kory, the fine mind behind the fruit, speak for herself. Here’s a little tidbit from the site: “Hi! I’m Dafna Kory, the founder of INNA. This whole thing started one Thanksgiving a few years back when I came across something I’ve never seen before. Some friends were serving these amazing little appetizers – crackers topped with cream cheese and jalapeño jam. Well, I thought those little appetizers were just the best thing ever and proceeded to eat so many of them that I couldn’t really eat the Thanksgiving meal that followed.

I thought to myself, “self, I’ve got to get some of that jalapeño jam,” and checked every store I could think of, but alas, no jalapeño jam to be found anywhere. I finally gave up on finding it at a local store, and decided to just make it myself from scratch. I developed a recipe, made a batch of jam, kept a jar for myself and gave the rest away to friends and neighbors. Everyone who tasted the jalapeño jam got hooked, much like I did, and asked for more. Before I knew it, I was making batch after batch of jalapeño jam, and INNA was born.”


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Oh, what’s that? Jalapeno jam? Yup, jalapeno jam. And it’s amazing. If you’re a fan of spicy jams, a similarly scrumptious choice would be INNA’s Fresno Chili Jam which happened to have one a Good Food Award last year!! <– People, this is a big deal.


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Me, personally, I’m a sucker for seeds, so I devour a jar of Raspberry Jam like I am trying to win a fraternity chugging contest. I’ve also kind of been going overboard for the Tayberry. What the hell is Tayberry? I can’t say it better than INNA – ” A cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, this jam has the best of both worlds: the bright tartness of raspberry and the warm, spiced, foresty sweetness of a blackberry, with a chocolaty finish.” I know, right?! Seriously, how stupid does that jam sound? Raspberry, blackberry, foresty, chocolaty. Kill me. It’s pretty much the best jam that ever could be and plays just as politely with bright, fresh chevre as it does with one of my other faves, Big Spoon Roasters.  I have also been known to just stand in front of an open fridge and eat it out of the jar like a bowl of soup.  I won’t be judged.


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What’s extra cool about INNA jam is just how much they focus on seasonality. They make their jams when those fruits are available – so if you missed out, you just have to wait until the next batch is ready. They are also eco-conscious on many other levels, biking their organic goods, in their recyclable jars, around the Bay Area. Why can’t every place in the world be the Bay Area? PS – They are also completely allergen free – no nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, etc. in their kitchens.


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Here is a complete picture of their available flavors.  INNA is probably most famous for her spicy selections, but also revered for her unique flavors like pluot, blenheim apricot and tayberry.  But, honestly, they can do no wrong.




Their site suggests that the jams are best eaten within a couple of months since they have no additives they spoil faster – but, I assure you, they won’t last more than a few days.










  • charcharcool

    The plenty spicy jalapeno goes on every sandwich we make now. It’s the thing that makes you go, hmmm. :)