Homemade: Rainbow Handle Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are a must for any kitchen – restaurant, home, campground, whatever.  They are sturdy and durable but don’t scratch pans and allow you to truly test if your cream sauce is done.  But, in my home, keeping my spoons pretty and oiled usually takes a back seat to watching 30Rock reruns and eating seconds of whatever recipe Charlotte sent over that week.  But, with this awesome DIY spoon project from Little Bit Funky, nobody will notice the cracks and pet hair adorning my utensils (yeah, don’t eat here) because they’ll be too busy oohing and aahing over these happy little crafts.




Little Bit Funky ( …just about the cutest blog, especially for you ladies who actually do fun crafts with or for your kids and don’t just file them away in your ‘someday’ folder …although, it is almost as fun collecting craft ideas as it is to do them in real life, right?  I wouldn’t know…) is always churning out adorable, and sometimes delicious, ideas to turn simple items in your home into unique, homemade treasures that will delight your family and friends.

Make these to add a splash of color to your own kitchen or give as a gift to a friend who will consider you a total badass when it comes to presents.




What you need: Set of wooden spoons; newspaper; assorted non-toxic craft paint; paint brushes; masking tape; scissors; bowls; water; and non-toxic Shellac lacquer.

How to make it: Lay out the newspaper. Squeeze the assorted rainbow paint into separate bowls. Secure a strip of masking tape around the handles of all the wooden spoons, approximately 2 to 3 inches above the bottoms. Paint the handle below the masking tape line with the assorted paint (one color per spoon). Let dry. Remove the masking tape, and coat the handles in non-toxic Shellac lacquer.

Rainbows are awesome.  Would you make these?