Food Blogs That Rock

Smart phones and social media make it easy to follow and fall in love with your favorite blogs – new and old. Thanks to Instagram, Stumbleupon and Facebook, I have been running across food blogs that I have come to adore. They all have their own unique style, but with several common threads: good food, good humor, good style.

I love following these ladies as they are incredible and inspirational. They make good food, they eat good food and they have a fun time telling their followers about it. They aren’t making extremely difficult dishes, they are making wonderful meals that require some culinary know-how, but really require more of the desire to have fun in your kitchen.

My friends are always asking me what new food magazines, sites or blogs I’m reading and following, so here’s a handful worth checking out:


food blogs


The Cuisinerd:


Ok, firstly, how cute is the name ‘The Cuisinerd?’ Answer: super cute. As is The Cuisinerd herself:


Picture 5


She has a real name, but I refuse to use it since Cuisinerd is just the coolest. She’s got mad design style and great culinary chops. Her blogs are funny, friendly and all-around awesome. Fellow IGers, you will love following her pics. She usually showcases some kind of deliciousness with a few quirky fonts thrown in for good measure. She has eaten at my beloved Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco twice this month – which makes me love her all the more as I get to eat vicariously through her imagery. Why didn’t I hyperlink Swan Oyster? Well, if you’ve ever been there, you know they don’t have time for websites. But check out this link for why they are so fantastic.

Anyway, her site is filled with great tips on design elements as well as delicious recipes and beautiful ways to display them, like this:


Picture 6




Picture 30


101 Cookbooks:


I have been following Heidi and her adventure through her 100 plus cookbooks for quite some time now. As an on-and-off vegetarian, 101 Cookbooks is the first place I look for veggie-friendly sides, main meals and desserts. Her site is broken down into about a billion categories from Holiday food to seasonal produce. She’s always combining unique ingredients that get turned into spectacularly creative recipes. Her imagery is gorgeous, her dishes are delightful and her mission is a cool one:


Picture 29


Plus, she’s always posting amazing stuff like this:


Picture 31


Picture 10


How Sweet It Is:


Another blog that I’m positively obsessed with is How Sweet It Is. No, like, seriously obsessed. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve scared How Sweet herself, Jessica, away with my constant emails about how reading her blog is one of the highlights of my day. But, alas, it is. Her pictures are beautiful and well-lit and her posts are really funny. She makes no qualms about the fact that she’d rather eat sugar than snow peas and that she likes to watch a shit ton of television.

Lately she’s been making recipes like this:


Picture 12


But, usually, she’s known for making recipes like this:


Picture 13


Her blogs make for fantastically fun reads and her cookie recipes have made me the talk of the town. And by that I mean, the one man I make cookies for, is incredibly in love with them.




Picture 33


Let Me Eat Cake:
Ok, this blog is pretty new to me but I already adore it. Nastassia and I have been following each other on IG and there isn’t a pic she puts up that doesn’t make me consider sticking my iPhone into my mouth. She just seems really happy about eating desserts – and for that I love her.


Picture 8


She posts about sweets in NY, SF and LA but also writes about her adventures in eating abroad:


Picture 9


She recently went to Bouchon Bakery in Beverly Hills where she devoured several kougin-amann (prounounced queen ah-mahn — queen…really?) and made me extremely jealous in doing so as I have never partook of said dessert. To my dear friend Charlotte, my only friend who actually reads this blog, please make these for me immediately. Thank you.


Picture 34


cannelle et vanille:


I seriously can not get enough of this gorgeous site. I mean look at this stuff:


Picture 35


Aran’s blogs are brilliant and beautiful and delicious. She was recently featured in Whole Living (before those s.o.b.’s decided to stop printing and sending magazines) and has been chosen by Martha Stewart’s editors to be part of ‘Martha’s Circle,’ among other accolades.

She has so many wonderful recipes:


Picture 19


And that’s just a handful. The list is long.  Really long.  Her blogs are from the heart and her food is tremendously gorgeous and a pleasure to make and to eat.



Picture 36


Kitchenette Blog:


Kitchenette Blog! Another blog that I’m fairly new to, as well. Brittany lives out in SF (lucky, lucky girl) and is always posting recipes that make my mouth salivate. Literally. Like this:


Picture 14


and this:


Picture 37


Her recipes are totally doable – not a lot of fussy details and hard-to-prepare steps, but her end result is always something unique, vibrant and scrumptious. She’s able to take a somewhat simple concept, like pancakes, and turn them into a meal that you, your guests, your partner, your cats or whomever has the pleasure of seeing or eating these treats, won’t soon forget. Her posts are quirky and original and sound like she’s having a grand ol’ time talking to you, her new cooking friend.




Picture 38





And, lastly, Food52.

This site offers a plethora of food-related goodies from recipes to how-to’s to where to buy your next cutting board. Ok, there’s a lot to this site and they have summed up what they’re all about better than I could:


Picture 21


Plus, they have really yummy stuff like this:


Picture 20


They’re one of those sneaky little sites that makes reeeeealllly healthy dishes (like whole grains and lentils) in ways that come across more as ‘amazing meal’ than as ‘healthy dish.’ Now, there is nothing wrong with healthy dishes, mind you, but, personally, I am not in love with meals/menus/sites/what have you that are focused on turning regular dishes into healthy plates. Food52 is authentically good for you just because it is – not because they are striving to be. Does that make sense? I’m not sure it does, but, nonetheless, there you have it.



So, dear readers (Charlotte, that means you) – there is my mini-list of some of my fave food blogs, new and old. Please do share your favorites with me, as well.



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