Cheddar & Smoked Onion Rolls with Bacon

Hey, remember when I said I was a vegetarian and then I posted a pulled pork recipe followed closely by this bacon-heavy recipe?  It happens.




Especially when you take a childhood favorite – warm, buttery, cheesy crescent rolls that were always served at some adult’s holiday party that your mom would drag you to and you would hate until that little platter of meat-wrapped crescent rolls would make its debut alongside some artery-clogging cheese dip and deviled eggs.  Ahh, the 90s were the best! – and spin it with a more gourmet twist using artisanal, small batch ingredients.




Charlotte tells me, “Normally I wouldn’t dare buy a can of crescent rolls from the grocery store out of fear of what hidden (and not so hidden) ingredients are in them, but when I found this organic, certified non-gmo, no hydrogenated oils, and no to a lot of the other stuff that scares me away brand at Whole Foods, I gave it a shot.”  That extra step of buying the best possible version of the necessary ingredients helps to turn this treat from Pigs In A Blanket to cookbook-worthy Cheddar & Smoked Onion Rolls with Bacon.




Charlotte used ingredients from our shop, Artisan Cheese Company, which means the mustard, onion jam and cheddar were made by passionate producers making products in small batches using a very finite amount of ingredients.  Nothing processed, nothing manufactured.  The point of this was to share an uber-yummy recipe with you, not lecture you on the importance of quality ingredients.  But, I feel it is actually important to denote the difference.  Are you going to make crescent rolls every day?  Probably not.  So, when you do, grab the best ingredients you can find (including the bacon!) it’s not just an indulgence, it’s a high quality indulgence that your body will appreciate because it knows how to process the non-processed ingredients.  That way, when you go over the top, and with these you most certainly will go over the top – seriously, I quintdoublequadrupledtripled this recipe – you can know you didn’t cut corners to get there!

Anyway, more importantly, eat these.  You don’t have to wait for the holidays!  My suggestion – throw on a pair of Bongo Jeans (please tell me anyone else remembers those), put on a little ‘Clarissa Explains It All,’ and bring back the best part of the 90s – the incomparable crescent roll!




Cheddar & Smoked Onion Rolls with Bacon
Recipe and photos by Charlotte Abrams


makes 8 rolls, which serves 2 in my house


4 slices amazing bacon, cut in half crosswise
1 tube crescent rolls
1 1/2 tablespoons awesome mustard (like Lusty Monk or Tin Mustard)
3 tablespoons smoked onion jam
3 ounces excellent cheddar cheese, cut in 8 slices

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Place bacon in a medium skillet over medium heat. Cook until fat starts to render, but it’s still very pliable and not crispy, about 2 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Unroll crescent rolls flat onto a work surface. Spread each triangle with a smidgen of mustard, about 1/2 teaspoon each. Top with a bigger smidgen of onion jam, about 1 teaspoon each. Place a slice of cheese on each triangle. Roll up to form crescents. Wrap with par-cooked bacon and place seam sides down on a baking sheet. Bake until golden and cheese is oozing, 10-12 minutes.