Pretty sure I scared a decent amount of people the other day at Whole Foods when I started shrieking and shaking after catching sight of my beloved BluePrintJuice (yes, it’s meant to be one word) so beautifully lined up next to the kombuchas and chia drinks that I often reach for.


photo 1


I downed close to a billion of these babies (no, really) when I first saw them out in California last year.  I had only seen them in bigger cities and would try to drink as many as possible when I could get my hands on them, even though they cost a pretty penny.  Lots of pretty pennies.


photo 2


But, after learning just what goes into BluePrint, I’m pretty sure I’m getting the better end of the deal as one bottle (the green juice, specifically) has 6lbs of organic veggies crammed into it.  And, fellow organic shoppers, we all know that 6lbs of organic veggies costs a whole lot more than 10 bucks.


photo 2


Ok, so what makes BPJ worth shelling out your cash for?  Firstly, their juices are 100% raw and organic.  This is major.  Many juice counters at ‘health food’ stores are actually handing over a cup filled with blended conventional produce.  Although it’s wonderful to be filling your body with fruits and veggies, conventional produce doesn’t meet the restrictions/requirements that organic produce does – meaning you’re getting a mouthful of pesticides and, quite possibly (probably really), a shit ton of GMOs.


photo 4


Also all BluePrintJuices are cold pressed.  When it comes to extracting the most nutrients in the most beneficial way, cold pressing is where it’s at.  There’s a lot more to it than that, but all you really need to know is hot = bad, cold = good.  Cool?


photo 5


Here’s a little ditty from their site giving a brief overview of their juice benefits.


Picture 1


For me, I drink lemon cayenne when I’m feeling fat.  I drink lime ginger when I’m feeling like I may be getting a cold.  I’ll drink the shit out of some beet juice when the black circles under my eyes tell me I’m not getting enough iron.  The green juice is just a go-to…seriously, 6 POUNDS of veggies.  6 POUNDS!!  That’s ludicrous!  I have yet to taste the pineapple or cashew, but that should be remedied by this afternoon.  Sorry about dinner, hunny, we’ll be having juice for the next few weeks.


photo 3


Speaking of…looking to cleanse?  BluePrintCleanse is just BluePrintJuice in cleanse mode.


Picture 2


Although I can’t help but uncontrollably giggle at the ‘Excavation’ cleanse, I’m also really curious to see these crayons, as I don’t recall eating any in my youth. (Eyes too bad to see?  The Excavation Cleanse says this option unearths delicacies you chowed down in first grade as this cleanse digs deep.)  But, alas, they promised me 1st grade crayons and I wanna see them.  Why is it impossible to talk about cleanses without picturing people on the toilet?  Does that only happen to me?  And what’s the big deal anyway?  Do you know anybody at all who doesn’t use the toilet?  Why is it such a big deal?  But seriously though…’excavation’…I can’t stop laughing.


photo 1


Anyway, the moral of the story is this:  These drinks are and awesome.  You can use them as a booster or as a cleanse.  And, yes, they are a bit pricey ($7-$11), but that’s only because we’ve been trained that things that come in bottles should be cheap.  But, you’re thinking of soda.  Not cold-pressed, raw, organic juices that have a barrel full of produce in them.  Cost to product ratio…they’re actually quite cost conscious.  Plus, the bottles are pretty.




What’s your fave?








  • Kathryn McCue

    The kale is my favorite, but I like them all!

    • semisweetmegan

      i love it, too! i tried to pick up the beet one yesterday bc i need more damn iron in my system, but, alas, you didn’t have any. i sat on the floor and cried until i was asked to leave.

  • Jenna Caring

    My Whole Foods just started carrying these and I tried them for the first time the other day. I really wish they weren’t so expensive, BUT they are delicious and super nutritious. Don’t you just feel good after drinking them? I know I do. I’ve liked everyone I’ve tasted, but I think the cayenne and the ginger are my favorites.

    • semisweetmegan

      i know they’re definitely pricier than water, but when you take into account just how much is in there and that they cold press, it’s actually a steal. i’m in love with the lemon too!!