Blackberry Farm Smoked Onion Jam





Is it wrong to eat an entire jar of your favorite condiment?  By yourself?  In one sitting?  With nothing but a spoon?

Good.  I didn’t think so either.

If you’ve ever tasted Blackberry Farm‘s Smoked Onion Jam then we both know you didn’t just stop at ‘taste.’  You too, undoubtedly, took one bite, looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then preceded to slather it on your face and neck, as that is, obviously, what you do with products you love.


smoked onion jam


Blackberry Farm, located in the Smoky Mountain foothills in Tennessee, is this outrageously gorgeous, romantic luxury hotel considered to be one of the top rated properties in the world.  They’ve also become famous for their farm and the food that results from their ‘rare collection of artisans’ — the chef, the master gardener, the baker, the cheese maker, the forger, the butcher, the jam lady, the chocolatier, the restaurant manager, the sommelier — who work tirelessly to provide top notch cuisine and pantry goods to die for.

How can I put this?  Smoked Onion Jam is stupidly delicious.  So, who else here loves French Onion Soup?  Everybody right?  If you don’t, please don’t admit it out loud and let’s never speak of this again.  Ok, assuming that everybody is of sound mind and sound mouth….imagine the BEST bowl of French Onion Soup that you’ve ever had in your whole life.  No, scratch that.  Imagine the best bowl of French Onion Soup that Julia Child has ever had.  Then imagine that bit of smoky, caramelized, soft, melty onion that settles at the very bottom of the bowl.  The bit that’s left over once you’ve gobbled down the cheese and broth.  The bit that has soaked up sweet onion flavors for hours and hours on end, tempting you to toss your spoon and just start licking the bowl like a total Gavoon.  Yeah, that’s what this condiment tastes like.

Thankfully, that genius Louise (shop owner at Artisan Cheese Company) has been stocking the shelves with BF goods since the store opened last March.   But, unlike Louise, I’m dumb and didn’t pick up a jar until a couple of months ago.  And now I’m a total junkie.  I’m sweating just thinking about it.  I polished off the last of it today, scooping it onto fresh baguettes with a beautifully, just slightly over-ripe Cellars at Jasper Hill Harbison, a bark-wrapped bloomy-rind cheese that is woodsy and sweet and  was so soft and gooey it was practically soup.  And now I’ve got the shakes just counting the hours until I can get my hands on another jar.




Lately I’ve been adding this jam to everything.  EVERYTHING.  Not that shockingly, it’s worked with pretty much every savory dish – from quiches to mac and cheese to latkes.  It is also a wonderful partner to cheeses that have a little oomph to them, like the Harbison, or any other meaty, creamy cheese – perhaps not a fresh goat, but pretty much everything else from mascarpones to Montgomery Cheddar.

Here is a tidbit from Blackberry Farm, themselves, on what this special jar o’ deliciousness is and some of the top ways to use it:

Get creative in the kitchen with your favorite Farmstead products. The sweet and smoky flavors of Georgia Vidalia onions, white balsamic, and benne seeds pairs perfectly with meats, cheeses, and a variety of dishes. Here are 5 ways to think outside the jar.

1.   Incorporate Smoked Onion Jam into  your favorite melted grilled cheese sandwich.
2.   Glaze your next pork tenderloin with Smoked Onion Jam.
3.   Spread Smoked Onion Jam on a wood-grilled, flatbread pizza, along with Brebis and roasted radicchio.
4.   Mix a little bit of water or apple cider vinegar with  Smoked Onion Jam just to thin it out, and use it as a marinade for vegetables before grilling.
5.   Add a dollop of Smoked Onion Jam on a warm ham and biscuit for breakfast.


seasons of blackberry


You can purchase this, and other BF goodies, at Artisan Cheese Company or, if you aren’t local, check out their online shop.  And while you’re at it, pick up their famous peanut butters and artisanal berry jams.  I’m sure they’ll also go great with the Smoked Onion Jam.

Happy Eating!








Images courtesy of Blackberry Farm and Formaggio Kitchen