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There isn’t a spoon in the world big enough to shovel in the amount of Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Cashew Butter that I desire to consume into my face. I’m also keen on consuming a substantial amount of their Peanut Pecan, Peanut Almond and plain ol’ Peanut Butter – and by substantial I mean a sickening amount by most people’s standards. But, alas, I am not most people, thus eating an entire jar of something terrifically delicious in one sitting is not uncommon for me. Especially when that jar contains the hand roasted, hand filled and hand labeled edible gold that Big Spoon Roasters is churning out.


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Louise was in the market for some new nut butters. Yes, nut butters. I know, I giggle when I say it too. So, anyway, she asked the lovely ladies (and one of our favorite jam makers) over at INNA jam if they could recommend a legitimate producer. “Big Spoon Roasters!!” they suggested and, for that, we are eternally grateful.


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I got in touch Mark Overbay, the genius behind BSR, and asked if he could send us a few tiny tastes. Well, it turns out the Mark is fucking awesome and sent us a half dozen jars of nut butters that we gobbled up with reckless abandon. Louise was instantly smitten with the Peanut Almond while I hoarded the Peanut Cashew over in the corner, whispering ‘my precious’ as I caressed the pretty label.


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So, what is Big Spoon and why should you rush to swap out your subpar PB with this delectable concoction immediately? Here’s what they have to say: “Big Spoon Roasters makes handcrafted nut butters in Durham, North Carolina. Our carefully selected nuts and wildflower honeys are sourced from local and like-minded farmers who share our dedication to authentic quality. Each small batch is roasted, ground, and packaged while still warm to produce nut butters that are uniquely fresh, delicious, and nutritious.”


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Delicious was really the key word in that lineup. These butters are unbelievably delicious. Plus, Mark is always dreaming up new enticing flavors. I can’t wait to get my hands on their Peanut Brazil Butter (made with Brazil nuts) and after I freaked out when I saw ‘Peanut Almond Chai’ on his Instagram feed, Mark was kind enough to send us another sample – which Louise has to hide lest I eat it Winnie the Pooh and his clay pot full of honey style by just scooping it out with my hands and smearing it on my face. PS – it is so stupid good it’s downright ridiculous. We will be carrying it at Artisan Cheese Company as soon as Mark jars, labels and sends them out. Double PS – Hurry up, Mark.


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Also, the jars themselves are awesome. Shaped like small Ball Jars, but with better lids, these containers are great for keeping long after you’ve licked them clean. I turned my last one into my morning espresso cup and my next one is moments away from being my new, cute Q-Tip holder. I also see a bud vase in my near future. The possibilities are endless.


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While you’re just sitting at your computer reading, you should definitely check out this awesome post by Mark Petko, who shares our affinity for this delicious product. Petko captures the cool stuff happening behind-the-scenes over at BSR with pictures that far exceed mine.  Like this:




And this:




If that didn’t make you want a PB&J then you are obviously a serial killer.  Even people with severe nut allergies want that sandwich.

Come on in and visit us for a sample.  I apologize in advance if I eat it all before you get there.








  • charcharcool

    How do you manage to make reading about nut butters so goddamn entertaining? I am smiling ear to ear.

  • Naomi Jose Chokr

    so i ate an entire jar of this all by myself (in a span of a few days of course). I can’t see you for a month …. i cant buy anymore good food to eat. You’re so my crack… that im addicted to

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