Alpha Tolman

“Burly? This cheese is burly? What does that mean?,” ask our customers who have heard us use a multitude of adjectives when describing our beautiful wheels, everything from delicate to funky, but burly? Never burly. But, Jasper Hill Farm‘s Alpha Tolman, named after a turn of the century Greensboro, VT dairy farmer, is indeed robust and meaty.


photo 1


Before you go on thinking that this cheese comes with a plaid shirt and a blue ox, you should also note that this raw cow’s milk wheel is an Alpine style cheese, meaning it’s rich and nutty, but this beauty imparts bit more butter and caramelized onion flavor – a combo welcomed in anything edible.


photo 2


Made using traditional Alpine methods, meaning cooking and pressing the curds to form a firm, elastic texture with complex flavors, these wheels are washed with a cultured brine giving Alpha Tolman a bright, rosy, sticky, funky rind that can be an absolute pain in the ass to clean off of our cheese cutters but totally worth it when relishing that delicious bite. Kind of like a baby – messy, but worth the trouble.


photo 3


Younger wheels have more of a fruit and nut flavor combo going on while the older wheels get more robust, lending themselves to that buttered onion taste that we so covet. Funky, meaty, savory, and by all means, burly, this beautiful wheel has been a standout in our case, giving traditional Swiss-type lovers a more hearty take on their usual slices.


photo 4


And, ps, if you are a cheese lover who is unfamiliar with The Cellars At Jasper Hill, then please do click the link because Andy and Mateo Kehler are becoming legends in the cheese world and names you should know for sure.


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Come and see us at Artisan Cheese Company for a sample, but make room in your car because you are gonna wanna go home with the whole wheel.