All Hail Sfoglini Pasta

Is there anything more perfect than pasta?  The answer is no.  There is nothing more perfect than a bowl of fresh pasta just waiting to marry with rich sauces, roasted veggies, or just a simple splash of beautiful olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and a quick toss of fresh herbs.


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But, poor pasta has really gotten the shaft over the past few years.  Between those of you avoiding gluten and carbs and those like me avoiding mass-produced, over-processed boxed goods, finding a legitimately delicious pasta that won’t turn your insides into toxic waste has proven more difficult than it should be.


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But then, the other day, a gorgeous box of Sfoglini Pasta samples popped up at Artisan Cheese Company and changed the game.  Their marketing alone – an outstanding website and gorgeous packaging – is reason enough to try these pastas.  Couple that with the fact that Tom Colicchio serves these beauties at his restaurant and store and you definitely have that extra push to purchase a bag or two.


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Tommy C and pretty packaging are all well and good, but the real beauty behind these pastas are how they are made.  Here’s a little backstory from the Sfoglini site:

“Sfoglini is a Brooklyn based producer of small batch, freshly extruded pastas made from the finest organic semolina flour produced in America. We use traditional bronze dies which give our pasta a textured, porous surface for your sauce to cling to and we air dry at low temperatures to preserve the most nutrition and flavor.”


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It continues:  ”Sfoglini’s signature offerings include twelve organic semolina and organic whole-wheat pastas. In addition to these customary pastas, Sfoglini sources ingredients from New York City based rooftop farms and green markets to create special seasonal pastas. ”  So, what you’re saying is, these pastas are made with organic ingredients, plus nutritious veggies from nearby gardens and produced in a way that preserves the integrity of the ingredients?  Yeah, I’m down.




Made by Steve Gonzalez, a chef for the last 14 years who has worked at revered restaurants all over the Northeast and Europe, including a Three Star Michelin restaurant in Spain, partnered with Scott Ketchum, a creative graphic genius, with extensive travels under his belt as well, to create pastas with organic and seasonal ingredients that are delivered in sustainable packaging.  That, folks, is what you call pretty fucking awesome.




Now, I only had a couple of samples, but I’m eager to get my hands on several more.  Perhaps I should look into their ‘Pasta Of The Month Club?’




I just died over the Porcini Trumpets, which I mixed with a light cream sauce full of roasted garlic, caramelized onions and fresh basil.  The texture is slightly different than traditional boxed pastas from the mega-mart.  There’s a bit more chew and their tell-tale porousness is evident in the way the sauce clings to the pasta.


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On top of the already mounting pile of awesomeness listed above, Sfoglini is cool enough to offer monthly recipes featuring their magnificent pastas and a few fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Here’s their latest:


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Brocolli & Reginetti
Recipe by Sfoglini Pasta



12oz of Sfoglini Reginetti
1 medium head of Broccoli
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 Cloves of Garlic (sliced)
2 Teaspoons Chili Flakes

Bring 4 quarts of (salted) water to boil.
Cut broccoli into its natural little stalks (stems are good too).
Add broccoli and pasta to the water at the same time.
In a separate pan add olive oil and garlic, heat until garlic starts to brown. Add chili flakes and remove from the heat.
After 5-8 minutes strain the broccoli and pasta, save a splash of water to add later.
Add pasta and broccoli to pan with garlic and chili flakes.
Stir/Toss together. You don’t need to be gentle, the broccoli should be slightly overcooked and breaking down to coat the pasta like a pesto.
Add olive oil, salt, and black pepper.
Add the water left over from boiling the pasta and broccoli to achieve a thicker consistency.
Finish with Parmesan and/or Pecorino cheese.



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Let me know if you get your hands on a bag and how your meal turns out!


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